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Social Listening & Analytics Consulting service is dedicated to empowering brands with valuable insights derived from data through an array of powerful tools*. By harnessing the vast landscape of social media and digital platforms, I provide in-depth analysis and interpretation of conversations, trends, and sentiments surrounding your brand. I utilize advanced analytics techniques to gather and analyze relevant data, uncover hidden patterns, and understand customer behaviors and preferences. Armed with these insights, brands can make informed decisions, optimize their strategies, understand the competition, and enhance their overall performance. Whether it's identifying emerging trends, monitoring brand reputation, or gaining a competitive edge, our Social Listening & Analytics Consulting service is here to provide the intelligence you need to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

*Tools Expertise & License - Sprinklr | Brandwatch | Synthseio | SocialBakers | Hootsuite | Talkwalker | Quid | Meltwater | Social Bakers | SEM Rush | Google Analytics | Unmetric | Persona Builder | In-house Data Gathering & Analysis Tools

How does it help?

Audience / Influencers Profiling & Demographics

Brands can identify and track user demographics such as age, gender, location, interests, and more. Understand the behaviors and preferences of their audience in relation to different demographics. By analyzing conversations and engagements, brands can uncover trends, sentiments, and opinions specific to different demographic groups. This information allows brands to craft tailored marketing campaigns, content strategies, and product offerings that align with the unique needs and desires of their audience segments.

Social Media Strategy & Channels / Touchpoints

To develop comprehensive strategies that are rooted in data-driven insights. By monitoring and analyzing conversations, trends, and sentiment across various social media platforms, we gain a deep understanding of your audience's preferences, interests, behaviors, and channels where they are most active / engaged to drive better engagement & conversions

Consumer Journey & Content Planning

Help brands identify content gaps and opportunities & empower them to gain a holistic view of the consumer journey and make data-driven content planning decisions. By understanding consumer sentiments, preferences, and pain points, brands can create highly targeted, engaging, and valuable content that not only attracts consumers but also builds long-lasting relationships and drives business success.

New Product Launch & Sales Optimization

By leveraging the insights, brands can gain valuable insights into customer preferences, identify influential individuals, address customer concerns, and optimize their sales strategies. This data-driven approach empowers brands to make informed decisions, enhance their offerings, and achieve success in product launches and sales optimization efforts, customer sentiments, preferences, and expectations.

Crisis Management

Help brands assess the impact of a pre & post-crisis on their brand reputation. By analyzing sentiment and tracking the volume and tone of conversations, brands can gauge the public perception of their response and adjust their crisis management strategies accordingly. This allows brands to make informed decisions, refine their messaging, and adapt their communication approach to effectively rebuild trust and credibility.

Organic Growth & User Engagement

By monitoring conversations and sentiment, brands can identify opportunities to join discussions, address customer concerns, provide timely support, and Social Strategies to engage & generate leads across different channels. This active engagement shows that the brand is attentive to its customers' needs, leading to enhanced user satisfaction and loyalty.

white samsung android smartphone on brown wooden table
white samsung android smartphone on brown wooden table


  • Brand Health Analysis

  • Share of Voice

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • Trends & Topics Research

  • New Audience Discovery

  • Competitive Benchmarking

  • Owned Channel Analysis

  • Consumer Research & Digital Behaviour

  • Communication Analysis

  • Influencer Analysis

  • Demographics Analysis

  • Campaign Performance

  • Website & SEO Audit

  • Social Media Command Centre & Tools Implementation

  • Youtube Channels & Videos Analysis

  • Social Media - Channels, Public & Private Groups Discussion Analysis

  • E-commerce Platforms User Rating & Reviews Analysis

  • Discussion Forums, Reviews, Product Portals Analysis

  • Organic Growth & Lead Generation

  • Online Reputation & Crisis Management

  • Consumer sales cycle

  • Brand Perception & NPS

  • Customer Audience Definition

  • Lead Generation - Employment and Recruitment Compliance

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